This is new designed powerful magic hose is truly magical in work. This expanding garden hose is small enough to fit in your pocket but it accommodates the powerful flow of water. This is extremely durable and lightweight garden hose and easy to handle which makes it convenient to hand or store anywhere. This magical garden hose is kink and tangle-proof for additional convenience that makes this hose an ideal tool for landscaping and gardening projects. It comes with universal hose connector which is ideal for garden, patios and cars. Now your garden works is so easy with this magical expandable hose.

Kink- and tangle-proof
Perfect for gardens, patios and cars.
Innovative design expands to 3 times its size when water is turned on, fully retracting when water is turned off.
Includes tap connector and multi functional spray nozzle with 7 adjustable modes, including shower, flat, centre, cone, full, mist, jet
Adjustable, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, flexible, rewind, soft.
Makes watering easy
Compact for simple storage
Expandable 50 Hose.

Key Features

Great value for money.


PROMO PRICE: 15,000 Naira. Free delivery Nationwide. 1piece of 100FT of Magic Hose 15,000, 2pieces of 100FT of Magic Hose 28,000 Naira.

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1piece of 100FT of Magic Hose is 15,000 Naira, 2pieces of 100FT of Magic Hose is 28,000 Naira.

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