Stone Coated Roof Tiles


Classic boasts great flexibility and complements all architectural styles Design to perform under the most trying conditions, this product offers great protection against all elements while enhancing the loook of your home. Classic is sold for 2,700Naria/sqm.


Bond provides the gracetful scalloped curves of high-profile look in an exceptional strong, lightweight roofing system suitable for any building.With integrated stone-coated accessories that match perfectly with your roof. Bond tiles has got you covered from any angle .Bond is sold for 2,700Naria/sqm


Shingles has a style statement that works with both contemporary and traditional architecture.it has a distinctive vertical ridge texture that gives your roofs solidity and character. Available in a selection of the natural colors which reflects the heritage of shingle roofs;they are also available with a unique two-tone color patch arrangement. Shingles tiles cast deep shadows which gives a consideration variation in feel and texture throughout the day, depending on the sun’s position. Home owners love the facts that shingles gives their home a different appearance at different times of the day. Shingles is sold for 3,000 Naira/sqm


Milano was inspired by traditional Roman tiles design; Milano tiles looks smooth, clean and elegant. it’s timeless profile makes a strong statement, especially on steeply pitched roofs. Milano is sold for 2,900 Naira/square metre.


Our roof is light-weight roofing systems that can enhance the look of your roof with its elegant design and withstand all the kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind, heavy rain. Our roof can protect your home against all the destruction forces of nature because the roofing tiles are designed to overlap and interlock into horizontal fix system. the fastenings of this systems are done at right angels, thus creating a roof a roof structure of superior strength that is strong enough to resist hurricane force wind, heavy snowfall, and earthquakes. The granulated stone chips on the surface give beauty and additional weather protection to your roof.Our roof tiles is a product that can enhance the style of any home or commercial building,and give it a lasting beautiful look which conforms with continous development.


(a) Rigde cap (2m length) is sold for 1,500 naira/m.

(b)valley gutter(2m length) is sold for 1,000 naira/m.

(c)Side cap (2m length) is sold for 1,500 naira/m.

(d)fascia cover (2m length) is sold for 1,600 naira/m.

(e)wall flashing (2m length) is sold for 1,500 naira/m.

(f) Antirust Nail(5kg) is sold for 6,000 naira/kg.

(g)Sealant tube is sold for 4.000/tube.